Saturday, November 8, 2008

Late Bloomer

I admit, I have felt very apprehensive about posting anything too political on my blog. I just haven't wanted to sucumb to any cliches of posting something just to post it. Even after the results have been tallied and announced. It has been very interesting to hear the "fall out" from many people surrounding the election results. Despite my disagreements with some of Senator Obama's beliefs and morals, I do believe, in faith, that good things can come from his term. It is going to be a long, hard trek, but it would be for any man or woman stepping into office at this juncture. I hope that our response, as the American people, will not foreshadow the belief systems of Senator McCain and Senator Obama. Despite their imperatively opposite belief systems and campaigns, I hope that we, as Americans, can truly unite in support. Let us continue to be the United States...the united people that pledge allegiance, with one voice. Although overused in the past eighteen months, let us "believe" in faith. Obama's win may perhaps really test our faith as believers, but let us step up to the challenge. No matter what our personal beliefs are of President Bush, America has seen better days; this position not laying on just the hands of the president and his administration, but on circumstance. Let's believe for better days...whatever those may be. Perhaps they'll come sooner than we think, or perhaps things will simply grow dimmer. Regardless, I take this election as a call to faith. Not simply a call for change, but one of belief. It might be foolish to believe that we can all join together as one entire country...but I have the faith to believe that we will overcome. We are a country ready to respond...ready to believe.

I am in prayer for you Senator Obama...and in doing so, I'm in prayer for our nation.