Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's a Canyon in Thurston County!

So today, I was driving to work, and approached a yield to turn green light. Coming in the opposite direction was another car, and they of course, had a regular old green light because they were going straight. So I yielded...go figure. And they slammed on their breaks (seeing my turn signal) and waved me through. I thought...wait, I am supposed to yield dummy. And they kept waving me through. The car behind them began to honk, and it turned into such an ordeal. I quickly thought this was a bit bizarre because I'm in Wasington...not Idaho anymore. Then, no joke and no surprise, I glanced down at the license plate out of habit. Much to my heart's pleasure, it was a 2C license plate from Idaho! They have followed me!

25 Things

Thanks Meagan for showing me this video...cracks me up.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bubba Bow-staff

It's good to be back in Idaho.

Bo Staff Training from Shane Grove on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is Vinny an Idol?

Months ago, we were all under the impression that Vinny, Calvin Nicholas Arthur Mann, left for graduate school in Scotland. Up until a few weeks ago, I had never questioned this. But that I've seen a few episodes of the hit show, American Idol I've discovered that this is most likely not true. Vinny is posing as Scott McInteyer. You be the judge.

Scott or Vinny?

Scott or Vinny?

You be the judge.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Desmond is nowhere to be found..."

Today, I got up early and flew out from Sea-Tac to Boise. It was an early morning, and with little sleep from the previous night as well...I was exhausted. I kept falling asleep waiting to board, and I realized that if I did, I would be dead to the world. So, I needed to do something to keep me occupied. I decided to play what I've named, "The Lost Game". Here's how it works. You look at all of the people that you're flying with, also waiting to board. You start pondering what their professions are and what they would contribute to the culture on the island, if we crashed. Then you look at the supporting cast, and those that are probably just going to be extras in the background. Today, I spotted someone that I think would've flipped and joined the Others if push came to shove. Two kids and their mom sat right behind me on the plane...and I'm sure they would've been casualties. Sad I know. And I think that I saw a brother-sister relationship that would've been much like Boone. A small role, but not much meat to the character development. This game definitely kept me awake, and I boarded the plane. Made it back to Idaho...and am set for a great, relaxing visit.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What was I thinking?

How could I forget the Francey's! Mark and Rachelle have been such amazing examples of devotion to me. They truly challenge young people to better themselves. It takes special people to encourage someone to care. That's a gift that is straight from God. Mark and Rachelle lobby people to care. Although I haven't spent much time with Kenzie, I'm sure that she will be such a strong pillar. This family I admire greatly. If I had to sum them up in a nutshell, it'd be "adventurously caring".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Looks Do Matter!

I have come to terms with the fact that I truly am treated differently based on what I'm wearing. It's unfortunate, but when I'm in my Abercrombie (work) clothes, people ask me the most ridiculous questions. Here are some of the comments.

"Hey, you a Duke man?"
"How often do you go tanning?"
"Didn't I see you on the treadmill yesterday?"
"Do you get to like, date every girl that works here?"
"Should I tuck the front part of this shirt in?"
"Will you come to Victoria's Secret with me?"
"Do you think T.I. is innocent?"

But when I'm in my normal get up...what I choose to wear when I'm not at work, the questions are totally different. They're more like:

"What'd you think of the new Andrew Bird album?"
"Don't you hate it when people buy albums only on iTunes?"
"Want some of my homemade granola?"
"Should I get a vegan tattoo?"
"Got a lighter?"
"How do you feel about Neitzsche?"

These are all things that I've been asked by complete strangers. Not people that I know...just random walk-by strangers. It's so bizarre to me that my clothes cause me to live such a double life. I mean...what's a vegan tattoo anyway?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Secret Admirer

As dumb as it sounds, after I got one of those cheesy conversation hearts at work, mine said, "Your Secret Admirer", I started thinking about how much I loathe Valentine's Day. It's a day of extremes. We're set to promote extreme affection and love, or extreme loneliness. How fun. What a great day to celebrate. For me, more times than not, it has been a holiday that I choose to pass through. But this year, I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and pay tribute to the candy heart; to whom I admire. Please enjoy.

Krist and Kelly Wilde have shown me such great support. Not only just the amazing impartations of teaching, but their wisdom and constant faith in me is something that I have never experienced before. I admire both Krist and Kelly's desire to further the Kingdom. They are such strong pillars of faith.

In a similar way, Tracy Wilde has such a fervor for faith. But what I admire most about Trace is her vintage desire to disciple. Much like traditional rabbitical teachers, I believe Tracy has an innate ability to possess spiritual attraction. People seek her out. Her spirit is stretched in so many directions, and the giftings that God has given her are so diverse. The platform that God has built for her is grander than any I've personally seen. I admire her perseverance greatly.

Jolleen Quimba is the single greatest example of genuine empathy. Although my understanding of this is frequently ignorant, the ability she possesses to feel and genuinely care about people is magnanamous. People that she knows, she hears about, or sometimes even just sees can experience what I call "only's" solely because of her. "Only's" are those specific times, when in retrospect, you can look at your life and remember that one and only event. I really believe that Jojo is a minister of love. She'll talk to people with such a kind word, I believe her impact is far greater than we can ever imagine. She will change the world.

Another friend that I admire is Tom Foisy. I have this admiration of Tom because of his love for people as well. His love for God is so apparent when you're around him. Instantly, you know that he is a man of great faith; a man that believes there's nothing too big for God; a man of God.

On the flipside, Stephanie Rooks is one example of what God has asked women to be. She is a giver. Stephanie is so selfless. You will never meet someone that is so willing to give themselves to the "cause". The determination Stephanie has deserves great admiration.

My boy Adrian Gomez has such a desire to be better. To achieve. I can't believe how determined he is to get to the next level, whatever that is. I am amazed with him.

Meagan Murphy is a true worshipper of Christ. There's nothing more beautiful than someone opperating in their gifting that God has given to them. It's so amazing to see someone do what they love to do...what they were made to do. Meagan I admire you for your joy...for your Davidic worship...for your reckless abandon.

Of course my HLP, Marc Herring is someone that I can't express how much I admire. I know that if you know Marc, you know that he has a constant willingness to show grace to people. We talk about the grace of God so much as Christians, and I know that Marc has this down pact. Marc shows this grace and mercy.

Lastly, I have to include Shane and Kirsten Grove. Not only are they admirable as parents and husband and wife. But they are also examples of never-ceasing prayer. Prayer is something I've grown to love, desire, and cherish. This is greatly because of Shane and Kirsten. Without them and their direction, who knows where I'd be. Thank you to all of you.

Looking at all of these things I admire, they are mostly because of the way people interact with others. Their love for people. This is what I admire most.