Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't Pass the Chuck

Probably my favorite author of this time, could be attributed to none other than Chuck Klosterman. He's written so many books that challenge every aspect of my intellect. Strangely, I first got turned on to his literary genius through a little show known as, the O.C. Seth Cohen was reading, perhaps his most famous book, "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs". I can honestly say, that this book was the first book I have ever read that coaxed genuine laughter out of me. It's a rather strange oddity when you're sitting by yourself, reading, and can't stop laughing. Chuck's satire is unparalleled in my opinion. He has also written books including: "Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota", "Killing Yourself to Live", "Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas", "Eating the Dinosaur", and the book I'm currently enjoying, "Downtown Owl".

Perhaps it's because I grew up in a town not too different from Owl, North Dakota, or it may be Klosterman's subtle wit and ability to transfix the reader, transporting them into his own world. This is his first published stab at writing a full, fiction novel. I'm not done with it yet, but am enjoying it immensly. I've been so busy re-reading books that have movies coming out this season (i.e. New Moon, the Road, Precious, etc.) Now back to Chuck.


...I've been watching the following. Sometimes, I get home from work, and my motivation level is next to zero. So what happens...I read, eat, or watch television. Here are a few snippets of things that have entertained me.

Kathryn and Legacy from So You Think You Can Dance...not a season I've been watching much. But I did manage to catch this dance and loved it. It's supposed to be about a girl dealing with was beautiful.

The ridiculously hilarious new, primetime sitcom "Glee" cracks me up. The storylines are always a little vacant, but the performances are so funny. Here's a good mindless video to take you back.

Today on the Ellen Show...a really funny segment with a cute Chinese girl. Sarah, you will see a lot of these little kids soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank Goodness for Moms

After looking at my friend Dusty's page, I saw that he took part in this hilarious exercise down memory lane. Evidentally, by the magic of technology, we can see how ridiculous we would've looked had it not been for our moms telling us we couldn't get a certain haircut, or piercing, or shirt. Mom...thank you!

I've always wanted dreads. After seeing this picture, maybe I'm rethinking that. I think I look like an extra from the Pauly Shore movie, Encino Man.

This is the Tiger Woods version of me...a Blasian.

When everyone wanted to be Zach Morris...ah...thank goodness I never had this ridiculous hair!

Is this an AC Slater look-a-like contest?

Um...I still see this hairdo on many people. They just shop at Walmart and aren't male.


Carrot top...not really an Asian haircut.

Kelly will you please cut my hair like this? Haha.

In honor of MJ.

My dad had this hair.

I've never noticed before...but I look like that guy in all the tabs that they're saying is a "bad father" or "reckless parent"...what's his name again...oh ya...John.

No words.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to bring this hairstyle back.

Hope you laughed. I certainly Thanks for sharing Dusty. This was too funny!

Movie Quiz...why not.

1What's the best sports movie? Hoosiers obviously
2What chick flick can you watch over and over? Sleepless in Seattle (I love my city)
3As far as musicals go, which one transcends? White Christmas will always be
4What movie can always make you cry? hmmm...any sports movie
5What's your favorite holiday movie? Love Actually
6What movie are you always in the mood for? Harry Potter
7Which movie can you quote in your sleep? Home Alone
8What movie brings back all of your childhood memories? The Goonies
9What movie do you wish they would remake? Wizard of Oz (c'mon Tim Burton)
10Even though most sequels don't fair too well, what movie deserves a sequel? The Incredibles
11What disaster movie do you love most? Twister
12TV on DVD can bring a series to life. What series do you enjoy most? the OC or Law and Order SVU
13Which movie was the bigest let down for you? The Secret Life of Bees
14What was the last movie you saw in the theatre? Where the Wild Things Are
15What movie are you most looking forward to seeing? The Road or Pirate Radio

Bringin' Back the Train

The other day while I was watching 106 & Park on BET-yes, you heard me right-they did a modern day soul train. It looked like so much fun. We were talking about it at work, and everyone was telling me that soul train is what people of color do while midwesterners do the dance-line...or mambo. This made me truly bust a gut. And you know I'm not tryin to get down with the mambo, chicken dance, or macarena.

As the holidays quickly approach, I've been getting excited for all of my favorite Christmas movies. I think that it's really hard to make a good, quality Christmas movie these days. The classics are just too good. One that I did discover last Christmas that I enjoy, also features a soul train. Here's a clip. Enjoy.

Can you imagine doing a soul train with your family? Might be the funniest thought ever. I think that Christmas at the Wilde's might need to implement this tradition into their holiday traditions.