Monday, December 29, 2008

Flash Cards?

Some of us were talking the other day, and the topic of number-color corralation was brought up. We all agreed that certain numbers are associated with certain colors. Is this because we all had the same flash cards as little kids? For instance...

1: white
2: blue
3: green
4: brown
5: red
7: yellow
8: orange

The question is...what color is associated with the number 6 and which one for 9? For some reason, we couldn't come up with the answer. Weird huh. I kind of think that we must have all had the same coloring books from the same company that were color by number. The reason is unknown.

Snow, Syrah, and Saddle Creek

While others decked the halls and climbed their Rose Suchak Ladders...I sat at home with T-wise on Christmas. Working in retail is a tough profession for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because of the phenonmenon known as the "Holiday Rush". Now, while most people are listening to Christmas music and hanging Christmas lights on their houses, we in retail are pushed to our last nerves. Between angry customers, crazy kids let loose in the mall, and working all hours, there any reason why we wouldn't be in festive moods? Basically, on Christmas, all I wanted to do was sit back, eat, and relax. It ended up being so snowy, there was almost no way to get out of the house anyway. Granted, T-wise and I did go and see a movie, "Bedtime Stories" (kind of a cute family movie). After all of the lovey-dovey, happy endings from the movie...we rushed home and I had to put on a Saddle Creek vinyl. Listening to the humdrum of mandolins and piano put me right back into the right mood. All in all, my Christmas was anything but festive...and yet, everything I needed. At least as far as I can tell, all I needed was rest. But family and festivities definitely lacked, and if I dwell on their absence too long...I might sink into a melancholical haze.

Monday, December 15, 2008

"You're afraid of the dark, too, Marv."

Well, if you've been keeping up on my infrequent postings on this blog, you'll know that I have posted a few different times regarding my co-workers. Considering work truly is my life, it's really pretty much all that I have to talk about. But don't worry, I still have an arsenal of random ponderings that will soon surface on this blog again. But for today, I wanted to introduce to you one of our new managers at 589. Her name is Melissa. Now, I decided to start calling her "Mel" thinking that it would be funny (I don't know why), but it wasn't. She didn't even respond to the predictable nickname. Anyway, she is such a breath of fresh air at the 589. Our previous manager had many interpersonal issues, some of which I'd be happy to discuss with you over the phone. Then Melissa stepped in...instant fun.

Melissa hails from Port Orchard. Quite frankly, I don't know one thing about this place except that they had a delayed start of two hours in their school district this morning on the account of snow. Other than that, I know nothing about the joint. I envision it to be a lot like Port Angeles...but I think that's only because they are both port towns. Melissa graduated from WSU with a psychology degree early because she's a brain-iack, or because she got a lot of "extra credit" time with her professors. Who knows really. She brings the most random comments to work, and yet I love them all. Tyler frequently finds himself confused at why we're laughing. Over brunch the other day, we laughed and reminisced about various made-for-Disney-channel movies we'd both watched as youngsters. We also both love the movies Home Alone and Swiss Family Robinson. Oh Roberta. Oh Fritz. Melissa claims to not see movies that everyone else has, but random old movies she knows by heart (All of the Brat Pack movies are included). The other day, we were doing orientation for a group of newbs, and NSync Christmas came on over the sound system, we started singing and laughing at work...then she busted out the Kevin McCallister. Do you remember the scene in Home Alone when he's trying to fool the burglars into thinking that there's a party going on at his house so he's got string attached to his foot and two hands and he's waving them around to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"? Well, that's the Kevin McCallister. Try it out...its a great move. Our newbs proceeded to let us know how weird they thought we were. Haha. But we're their bosses, so they can deal. Mel is nortorious for saying things that I haven't heard since I was a youngster in Pomeroy too (i.e. hot bombalottie, ahnah-hellnah, etc.). Cracks me up. I wish you could all know her. You'd probably pee your pants, at least a little if you knew her.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Dark Reunion of Archibald and Humphrey

Well, as some of you may know, my old college roommate and I, Tyler Weisen have once again moved in together. I know...big surprise. Tyler and I have known each other since we were just little tykes. I remember at Family Camp at Pinelow, my family would rent out Lanman A and Lanman B. And the Weisens, along with the Herrings and Sterks would rent out Koinanea right next door. We were never really friends at that time, but we definitely knew that the kids next door were pretty cool with all of their fancy nerf guns and water pistols. Tyler and I didn't really become friends until junior high at junior high camp...back when we made out with the Grandview girls (and yes Geebs, this includes you from Prosser too). Despite our early friendship, T-wise and I did not see eye-to-eye in college. But all roads lead back to this untimely duo.

We are now living together in Olympia at this sweet little, shady, scary, apartment complex known as Holiday House. In case you're wondering, we live behind a McDonald's and across the street from Motel 6...classy I know. Anyway, we are getting a long so well. It's really quite entertaining. We had better be careful...this reunion could prove to be detrimental to all that is good...aka Global Warming, the hunt for Sasquatch in Western Washington (Kyle you're right, he/she does exist), and the gross ticket sales from the new Fast and Furious movie. Basically, life with T-wise is udderly unpredictable...and that's why I love it.