Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mark and Chelsea!

I don't know why, but from day one, I decided that I was going to pull for this couple. I like them so much!

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

...and really, I know weird, but I love this group performance as well. Basically, I'm pretty much a fanatic.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

Marc, Kyle, Stephanie and I traveled down to Winco last night to pick up some groceries. It reminded me of the days in college where a few people would all mob to Walmart and there we would find so many treasures. And by treasures I mean mullets, unibrows, and such. There were always an extremely eclectic group of people at the particular Walmart we would frequent. In fact, I'm sure we were gawked at for some of the crazy clothes and hair-dos we wore. And last night, many treasures surfaced as well. I was reminded of the early 90s. Remember when there was a slew of girls that would walk around with short shorts, perhaps jean cut-offs or plaid...with a long t-shirt? In my head, I tend to remember big, baggy t-shirts with tigger or dopey on them. But this gave the illusion that the individual was not wearing shorts. It looked like just a long shirt. How odd. Why would this style be? I suppose that coullots, skorts, and the wave-do were also style conundrums. Nonetheless...if you want to see the surfacing of any of these styles...go to Winco on Front Street. It's a treat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kirk Cameron's Best Friend

Growing Pains was a great, wholesome family show. Hearthrobs like Kirk Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio found their fanbase acting side-by-side with Lifetime channel's star Tracy Gold. The father played by Alan Thicke wrote the theme song, along with many other theme songs for popular television shows of that decade. Some of his work can be listened to on re-runs of Diff'rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, or Wheel of Fortune. So much greatness came out of this show! Families across the country tuned in to watch this sitcom. As soon as you heard, "Show me that smile again..." you knew it was time to get to the couch.
But the strangest part of the entire show can be summed up with one character, "Boner". Mike's best friend's name was Boner. Looking back, Carol (Mike's mom) would always emphasize his name. Why is it that we didn't make the connection? I mean, as kids we were all okayed to watch certain shows and asked to refrain from others...all for small reasons. Was this a reason to not watch the show? Did our parents not care? Why did the king of Left Behind have a best friend named Boner on primetime television? I am stumped.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You look sick...

Don't you love it when someone comes up to you and asks if you're feeling alright? It's one thing when you are actually's a completely different story when you're feeling fine and someone says, "You look like you're not feeling very well." Tracy and I have decided that we are going to redeem this phrase. So from now on, when someone says, "You don't look so good"...we are going to say, "Thank you so much!"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Somewhere there's a pack of big, fat mice...

Growing up, my family didn't have much money. I remember living in our little trailer eating pb and honey sandwiches for lunch. Fried spam, fish sticks, and mac and cheese were in the rotation of dinner items, with the exception of Sunday brunch...that was meatloaf. All of these wonderous foods seemed very normal to me at the time. But once in a blue moon, we would get to go to McDonald's. Back in the day when Happy Meals were only 99cents. Needless to say, most of these foods I don't miss too much, but there are some foods that I really feel have disappeared. Here are my top 3:

cheeseballs (the ones that came in the cylindic can with the pop top)

cookie crisp (who didn't love this non-nutritious breakfast cereal)

chocolate malts (by Darigold...frozen...Spokane Colliseum)

Where have these foods gone?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Did they run out of fabric?

As many of my friends have moved on and gotten married, it has been inevitable that some of them have started having kids. At first it seemed incredibly daunting, but I'm over it. I think. Anyway, because of the sudden upswing in children...I have found myself in the infant/toddler sections of stores from time to time. I discovered that there are many clothes that have the "layered look" for kids. This is obviously just a look. It is a hastle to put on actual layers, so they simply sew the clothing to look like it is layered. This totally makes sense...for toddlers.

I went to Karcher Mall with Jeremy a week or so ago...and I was persuaded into venturing into Burlington Coat Factory (we're more than just coats). Here I found loads of clothing, most of which was made for the Big and Tall shoppers. But I also found shirts with the "layered look" for adults. This I don't understand. Did they simply run out of fabric and decide that it would be too hard to put on two shirts? Or did the "designer" decide that this piece would be for the thrifty shopper that is too cheap to buy two shirts? Hmmm...I wonder.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Greased Lightning

I have a conundrum that I sincerely wonder if anyone knows the answer. Why is it that when we have dry skin we put on lotion? And many times this lotion, like Body Butter from the Body Shop is fairly greasy. This doesn't seem consistent. Let me explain. Have you ever been sitting next to someone in an airplane, or on the bus and looked over only to find that there is a large pile of coconut shavings on their shoulder. Well, let me clue you in...its not coconut. Its not snow either. In is dry skin, better known as dandruff. If you let your eyes, inconspicuously of course, wander from their shoulders to their'll most definitely find a greasy coif. Now...why is this? If their hair is greasy, why is there dry skin flaky off for us all to inhale? What is it that gets rid of dandruff? I mean, sure we all remember the Head and Shoulders commercials. I thought that Head and Shoulders must kind of be like hair lotion. But this doesn't make sense...if you're hair is greasy, you'd think that we wouldn't have a problem with dry skin. But its just the opposite. Dry scalp equals greasy. How baffling. Why is this?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Again and Again

Have you ever wondered why it is that you bite the side of your mouth or your tongue? It's not like you just all of a sudden forget how to chew. And at the same time, it's not as if the side of your mouth decided to jump in between your teeth either. How is it...and why is it that this happens? The worst part is that after you bite it keep on biting it. How miserable! The passed couple days, I have continually been biting the right side of my mouth. It feels like what a fried egg looks like. Don't misunderstand doesn't feel like a fried egg is in my feels like what a fried egg looks like. Ugh...I hate eggs.